Be in control of your menstrual cycles


What makes this app a great menstrual tracker and the perfect discreet health diary?


Intuitive and friendly. You can see your health facts and history with just a tap or two.


Discreet and elegant with lots of features specially designed so that you can track your health, your way.


Your own private health diary with password protection for your private data. Use the easy backup to secure your health history from accidental loss.


Period, ovulation, fertile & pill notification reminders – A great help in planning your day.

More About

Menstrual calendar
Understand your menstrual cycles and fertility

Menstrual Calendar is a simple and stylish application that offers the opportunity to better understand periods, ovulation, fertility and contraceptives.
We offer you a calendar which helps you predict your next menstrual cycles, fertile and ovulation days.

It was designed to give yourself one less thing to remember, and helps to predict your fertile days. Very discreet and elegant with lots of features specially designed so that you can plan your days.

  • Easy to use

    Summarized vital data at a glance

  • Safe

    Password/PIN to protect your secret entries

  • Discreet

    Beautiful and discreet, just like you.

  • Great cycle tracker

    Add & adjust past or current cycles and visualize lengths. Track irregularities in your periods

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